What are the top five ways to up Taxi prices in Thailand?

Raising the Taxi price problems in Thailand by the chauffeur

There are many problems that foreigners may face when entering Thailand such as language, culture, and others. One of the issues is the expense of transportation. The Department of Transportation has verified all of the taxis are available in Thailand. But it cannot be denied that there are some chauffeurs who still cheat passengers. I would list the top five ways of imposture that taxi drivers use to trick the customers, particularly foreigners as follow:

1.      Cheating the taxi meter

          There are many public transportation drivers who charge a higher price than the average which forces the foreigners to pay since they do not know how to bargain. Prices are sometimes modified twice or three times from the standard price. For example, an actual price of 140 Baht might be charged up to nearly 350 Baht, which is highly exorbitant, because  the driver altered the wiring circuit around the machine that is directly connected to the meter in order to have more round numbers run quicker by disconnecting the horn system circuit and connecting the direct wires together.

2.      Changing to small car tires

          In this way, taxi drivers may remove the tire that is attached to the car. Then, instead of a wide tread, use a small tread to make more rounds, run quicker, and the meter rises faster than usual while driving long distances. When it’s time to examine the condition of the car, the taxi driver may replace the old tires to meet Thai Taxi standards.

3.      Avoid using the meter

          It is the most cost-effective method because you do not need to invest in any equipment. The taxi driver may inform the passenger that the charter does not use the meter. Because pressing it isn’t worthwhile. In fact, the actual expenses may be lower. However, the majority of them will only prefer foreigners.

4.      Using two meter

          This kind of method  is known as a “fake meter.” There are two meters, one of which is a real meter that has been examined to ensure that the price is correct depending on the distance during the day. However, at night, the taxi driver would switch to another meter, one that has the cheat system activated.

5.      Driving on the detour route

Many taxi drivers drive by modifying the route and giving  reasons that they had escaped the traffic, taking them by shortcuts and taking them on a larger diversion or going on a road where the traffic is higher than before to gain more distance. The engine is running longer and spinning faster and occasionally even quadruples the engine power where the automobile is parked. This is a trick that causes the meter price to rise more quickly.

These are the top five common unfair behaviors of the taxi driver that you may encounter when entering Thailand. To avoid paying the expensive transportation cost, I highly recommend you to purchase a car to drive in Thailand. However, I suggest you purchase car insurance in Thailand, particularly from Rabbit Care. Since when your car breaks down in  an accident, the repair cost will be compensated by the insurance company.