Explanation about M-Pass Toll Card

M-Pass is an automated toll collection system on intercity roads operated by the Intercity Motorway to reduce traffic congestion in front of toll gates and improves travel convenience for consumers. It collaborated with Krung Thai Bank to facilitate and expedite transactions for users. However, it is only used in four wheel drive.

●       The benefits of M-Pass

  1. Save time : the user can use the service via Intercity Motorway No. 7 (Bangkok-Chonburi), Intercity Motorway No. 9 (Bang Pa-in – Bang Na section), and every highway which saves time and convenience.
  2. 2 in 1 services : not only pass the Intercity Motorway, but can be used as a medium of exchange in purchasing the goods and services since you can do any transaction via ATM machine at every bank without any charges or KTB Netbank.

●       How to use M-Pass

There will be one M-Pass lane in each toll gate on the right hand side. The users can run through the booth at a speed of 30 kilometers per hour.

●       The document required for applying M-Pass

  1. The copy of ID card or Passport. However, 1 person can apply for a maximum of 2 cards.
  2. The corporations can apply for an unlimited M-Pass card. But need to prepare 3 documents: legal entity registration certificate, a copy of the identification card of the authorized signatory, the power of attorney and a copy of the authorized representative’s ID card (in case of authorization period)

●       How to apply M-Pass

There are four ways to apply M-Pass Toll Card as follows:

  1. Krung Thai Banking : you can apply at every branch of Krung Thai over Thailand which has around 400 available. However, it doesn’t require having a Krung Thai banking account.
  2. Departure Service Area : on Intercity Expressway No. 7 (Bangkok-Chonburi). However, you are able to do M-Pass during  8.30 am. – 16.30 pm.
  3. Thap Chang 2 : you can do it at the pass service point. It is on the intercity highway number 9 (Bang Pa-in – Bang Na). However, an M-PASS card will be sent to your home within 2 weeks without any shipping cost charge. But, you need to add 1,000 Baht on the card.
  4. KTB netbank

●       How to top up M-pass card

  1. At every branches of Krung Thai bank
  2. At ATM or ADM machine of Krung Thai bank
  3. At KTB Auto Top-up
  4. At Top Up Boonterm machine but the fee is 20 Baht
  5. KTB netbank in case you have the account of the bank

Now, there are the “M-PASS Mobile Applications” which are convenient to use. You can click the qr code to top up or KTB Auto Top-up since it links with KTB netbank. You can check the balance of the account, see the transaction history, and others easily.

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